When you work with S4N, you don’t have to wait until the end of the project to receive tangible, testable deliverables.

Iterative development (using AGILE/SCRUM methodology) is a core component of our strategic approach to software delivery. We divide each engagement into iterations that produce working versions of the product our clients can actually use.

  • Analysis – we thoroughly explore goals, scope and ultimate vision of project and develop project milestones and requirements.
  • Design — UI layout/design, process diagrams, architecture are developed at this stage. Our UI/UX designer discusses key UI requirements and develops several sketches, which complies with the best UI/UX practice and standards.
  • Development – S4N uses the industry’s most responsive iterative development and testing methodologies. We divide the development effort into iterations that provide our clients with early versions they can use and test. Our AGILE/SCRUM software development methodology anticipates changes and allows us to correct the course of the development quickly, thus ensuring that your project stays consistent with your business objectives. Major functional elements are grouped into formalized releases that represent the critical project milestones.
  • Integration and testing – Our QA engineers thoroughly test all new builds in conjunction with development. All issues are managed via an issue tracking system and allows us to deliver error-free builds.
  • Deployment and maintenance – You provide us with marketing data (texts, screenshots) and we will upload your product to the store if it is an app. If you need to update or improve the product, you just turn to us. We are happy to continue to provide all the necessary maintenance services and support, while you enjoy the product.



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